The Neogenian Oculus

Have you felt the change that’s been rippling throughout the fabric of society? A door has been opened, and we stand on the threshold facing the myriad possibilities that await on the other side.

The Neogenian is the New Beginning—it’s a system of transformation, a new Age of expanded consciousness, and it’s what we are as individuals and as a collective. Together, we will step through the door, leaving behind the old world based on fear, inequity, and division and build a new world focused on unity, wellbeing, and equality, where each of us will have the opportunities to learn, grow, and create.

“We are not mere spectators to this epochal shift. We are the architects of a new reality. We are the creators of the Neogenian.” 



What Would A Neogenian World Look Like?

As Neogenians, we recognize that we are zedas—eternal minds—having experiences in the physical world we share. We understand…